Jelly Babies (3 months -2 Years)

Babies are provided with a warm and nurturing environment with lots of individual time and attention.This is really important in the first two years of life, when critical brain and language development is taking place.

The setting

The playroom is light and spacious and has been developed especially to meet the needs of young children.

  • The padded floor is perfect for non walkers or those just learning to toddle. Corners are protected to prevent bumps and bruises in new walkers.
  • There is minimal adult furniture, providing babies  with opportunities to roll, crawl, sit, climb, balance, jump, reach, grasp and throw both indoors and outdoors.
  • Babies can enjoy experimenting with different textures during messy play sessions, all materials used are safe and non toxic.
  • There are “treasure baskets” and toys designed to engage babies attention and stimulate their learning.
  • Children take part in activities designed to promote hand-eye co-ordination, speech development and imagination.


Meal times

Babies enjoy sitting with and learning from the older children at meal times. All the necessary equipment is provided to ensure meal times are relaxed and sociable events, including:

  • comfortable high chairs so that babies can sit at the same height as their friends.
  • plastic cups and plates.
  • trainer cups to help with the transition from bottle to cup.
  • children’s cutlery to encourage independence and self feeding.

For weaning babies I offer either nutritious purees or follow baby led weaning, depending on parental preferences.

Formula milk and expressed breast milk are safely stored and heated.

All food, snacks and formula milk are included in fees, making morning drop offs stress free!

Rest and sleep

The  babies nap in a quiet peaceful room, following the same routine they are used to at home. They are encouraged to bring comforters and teddy bears from home to snuggle up with.


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