Jelly Tots (3-5 years)

Children enjoys a rich, stimulating indoor and outdoor environment designed to help with the transition to school.

I follow the Early Years Foundation Stage so children receive all the benefits of nursery style early education, with the advantage of being in a much smaller group.

Early Years Foundation stage

  •     Personal, social and emotional development
  •     Physical development
  •     Communication and language
  •     Literacy
  •     Mathematics
  •     Understanding the world
  •     Expressive arts and design


Children can enjoy playing with sand and water, small world toys, construction resources and messy play. They are learning all the time but do not realise because they are having so much fun!

Eating and resting

Meal times are relaxed, sociable events. Children are involved in preparing their food as much as possible, and help to set the table before eating.

Children often go through fussy stages so all meals are served buffet style for the little ones to choose what they would like. This often helps the children to try new things  as they see their friends enjoying them.

All food, snacks and drinks are included in fees, making morning drop offs stress free.

As well as enjoying a healthy diet, children are also given opportunities to unwind and relax throughout the day.