American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children’s Media Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics has changed its advice on “screen time,” moving away from the previous recommendation to keep children under age 2 away from screen media. Instead, it now provides evidence-based guidance on how to use technology responsibly with children of all ages. The guidance is useful for anyone working with children to know.


Today I’ve been researching contracts. Pacey and have some really useful information about what needs to go into a contracts. This is what I  discovered:

  • Each child should have their own contracts- siblings with the same childminder should have their own contract.
  • Contracts are legally binding once signed.
  • the contract should include:
  1. The childminders details including a phone number
  2. The child’s details such as name/ date of birth.
  3. the family’s details- parents names and addresses and phone numbers
  4. who has parental responsibility
  5. who is authorized to collect the child
  6. contracted days and hours
  7. payment details
  8. signatures and a review date.


This website has some good free templates which can be a good starting point:

Ofsted Pre-registration visit

Yesterday a lady from Ofsted came to inspect me at home. The visit lasted about 2.5 hours and she was lovely. i was nervous at first but she made me feel at ease, she didn’t mind that I hadn’t completed all the little safety bits and pieces in the house as long as I could say what still needed to be done. The visit went as follows:

1- Tour of the house. She only wanted to see the areas that would be used for minding so we didn’t go upstairs.

2- We sat down and had a general chat about me: my family, previous jobs, why i wanted to become a childminder.

3- I showed her two letters containing my address as proof that I lived there, plus my passport and my certificates- she needed to see First Aid certificate, Childminder course certificate and I also had DBS to hand but she didn’t need it.

4- She asked me about what I knew about safeguarding procedures, the EYFS, observations, confidentiality, administering medications and how I would involve parents. We also spoke about the two year check

I didn’t need written policies but she did want to see risk assessments for the house.

It didn’t feel like an interview, more like a chat and the visit would have been shorter but her laptop was playing up a bit which added extra time

She finished by saying she didn’t have any concerns and would write up her evidence for Ofsted, who will let me know in ten days whether I can be registered. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly now!