Its been a little while since I updated the blog, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! So here is where I am in regards to the process of becoming a childminder:

  1. DBS checks for myself and my husband arrived around 4 months after application. I registered both checks for the update service which costs £13 each and must be done within 19 days.
  2. My GP completed a health check. I printed the health declaration form from this web address here and completed my part before giving it to the GP to do his part. I didn’t need to attend an appointment they just looked at my medical records then left the completed form for me to collect at the reception desk. This cost £35 and I posted it to: Ofsted, 5th Floor, Picadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD.
  3. I applied to Ofsted online. I needed to use the government gateway ID to log in and create an account. The form requires two references (preferably employer but can be character reference) which I uploaded with the application. Before I could submit the application they needed my husband to create an account and fill in a shorter application form which was a pain as meant he had to get a government gateway ID too.


Ofsted contacted me about two weeks after I submitted my application to arrange a visit, i wasnt expecting it to be so soon! The lady I spoke to said the visit would last two hours and I need to show her photo ID plus two proof of address. Feeling a bit nervous but the ofsted inspector sounded very nice on the phone so fingers crossed all will go well….


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