childminder in training

I have just completed week 2 of the childminder course and thought it might be helpful to summarise for anyone who might be about to start. The class runs from 6.30pm-9pm once a week.

Week one
We looked at legislation that impacts on childminders, how to register with Ofsted, and qualities needed to be a childminder. It was tiring but useful because the legislation we looked at such as The Children’s Act 2004 and The Childcare Act 2006 must be followed by law. Without knowing these policies it would be impossible to write our policies and procedures.

Registering with Ofsted appears to be a straightforward process and is done online now. There is a fee of £35 to join the Early Years register (0-5 years) and if you do that it is free to join the childcare register (5-7 years). We also watched a video about the day in the life of a childminder… I realised you need lots and lots of energy!!

Were set homework around what we had learnt during the session. I recommend the book “CACHE Level 3 Preparing to Work in Home-based Childcare” by Sheila Riddall-Leech. It is clearly set out and easy to read, and was a big help with the homework.

Week 2
Last night I attended the 2nd session. This week we looked at risk assessment, food safety and policies and procedures. We thought about risks in our home and there were a few I hadn’t considered, such as children could lock themselves in the cupboard under the stairs! Also freestanding shelves- children could climb up and pull them over. I will start my policies this week PACEY have some examples on their website so I will join as a student and get some ideas of where to start. This week we have homework around food safety (including bottle sterilisation and making up formula feeds), risk assessments and we need to write some policies so I had better get started!


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