Online DBS check

This week I completed the DBS check (disclosure and barring service) online for myself and my husband. I used the following link which I found through the government website The checks cost £52 per person. The actual form was very easy to complete and self-explanatory. Once the online form has been completed they email you some more paperwork which you need to get an independent person to sign confirming your identity. I wanted to sign up for the DBS update service and which allows Ofsted to check your DBS certificate at least every 6 months, but the website was down. However, it said that I have 19 days to resister so it shouldn’t matter too much. I will update how long it takes for the DBS to be completed; the local authority has advised that they are currently taking 4 months!
I also went to a car boot sale and got some really nice toys for just a few pounds each- a little wooden dolls cot, a toy dyson hoover, and some puzzles all in excellent condition so definitely worth visit when starting up.


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