A huge to-do list

So here is my plan of what needs to be done:

1. Be healthy
• Write a healthy menu and think about a healthy eating policy
• Consider opportunities for children to exercise- design the garden and look at local parks
• Plan opportunities for children to learn about a healthy lifestyle
• ensure children have access to drinking water
• Consider children’s handwashing- towels, step for sink etc.
• find out about food hygiene certificate
• medicine policy
• Mentally healthy- ways to make children feel secure in a new environment. Think about ways to have smooth transition between home and childcare.
• think about sleeping arrangements for children who still nap
• first aid course has been completed

2. Stay safe
• Write policies
• Risk assessments- think about both in the home and when out in car or walking
• fire drills
• plan ways to teach children about keeping safe
• Think about safeguarding procedures- phones, visitors to the home, find out who to contact with safeguarding concerns. Find out more about safeguarding training.

3. Enjoy and achieve
• make sure children are ready to start school- familiarize self with EYFS and observations
• Think about ways to increase independence- eating, drinking, shoes and coats on and off
• Think about technology children might enjoy using- cameras, torches, computer
• look up guidance around children with additional needs and available support
• design communication sheets and consider ways parents can communicate with me regarding child’s progress. Think about home learning and working together.
• inclusive setting with multicultural resources
4. Make a positive contribution
• build good relationships with local community-look up toddler groups, library sessions and community events
• find out more about supporting children going through difficult life events- courses and training
• think about routines and structures to promote good behaviour/ positive peer relationships

5. Achieve economic well being
• find out how to offer 2/3/4 year funding
• plan activities to give children insight into the working world
• think about games and toys to help children understand money
• Set fees that are all inclusive so all children have the same opportunities regardless of parents’ income.

First childminder briefing session on Friday, will update then 🙂



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